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Founder | Life & Relationship Coach

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner

Spiritual and Motivational Speaker

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RCTV was founded by Joel Benesha, a successful entrepreneur dedicated to helping individuals maximise their potential both personally and professionally. Mr Benesha is a Certified Neuro-Linguistics Programming Practitioner (NLP) with several years of life and relationship coaching experience. Using a combination of neurology, psychology and spirituality to teach and help countless individuals manifest their desired reality. His passion for helping people has led him to engage in the field of research of countless metaphysical studies in hopes of answering the question "What is the driving principle or force of existence that shapes and molds one's desired reality? ".  Before his success, Mr Benesha lived the early years of his life in some challenging situations living in DRC Congo and Cameroon. These experiences shaped Joel to become who he is today, embracing challenges and driven on living effectively by applying his knowledge and understanding to all aspects of his life. His passion to succeed in life began through his academic journey, he seeks to be a high achiever in all academic things but during his last year of high school, he failed miserably and felt as though nothing in life mattered anymore – it was his life’s passion to strive for the best academically. That experience led him to touch base with his spiritual wellbeing when he then discovered how to utilise the power that we have within ourselves to achieve anything we desired.


Since then, Mr Benesha has attained 12 scholarships during his time at Charles Darwin University (CDU) with a qualification of Software Engineer Honours, published articles internationally in the field of Engineering/Sport Science. From there, Mr Benesha developed a smart-watch prototype to aid with the Territory Remote Health under his business, Benesha Robotics, the Croc Pitch Winner in 2019 under Corrosion Instruments, he won the Young Achievers Award for Innovation in 2020 and was a finalist for young achiever Regional and Rural Initiative and Career Achievement Award and many, many more. It did not become about what he achieved but rather it became about how to live effectively by applying the understanding of the power that lives within us . Mr Benesha has dedicated his life's purpose to helping  others  also discover their identity, gift and purpose to achieve their desired reality and attain fulfilment in life.


Reality Creation TV (RCTV) is built on the belief that every individual contains a gift within them that the world needs. Discovering their gift will also help them to discover their purpose here and in turn, live an effective and fulfilling life. As the name suggests, we help individuals create a new reality for themselves through the services and contents we deliver. RCTV tackles all areas of life that include, family, social, vocational, spiritual, financial, health, and education – our aim is to break the barriers that may be holding the individual from seeing and living in their gift and purpose in one (or more) of these areas in their life. We have worked with various people and organisations seeking creative means for self-development, while also addressing ways to face the challenges of life, and using those hardship experiences as a springboard to success.


RCTV restores the identity of individuals which we believe is a being with unlimited power and possibilities, and we empower the people in need to take purposeful control of their life. We are inspired to transform the hearts and minds of people, with the knowledge we deliver on how to create their desired reality, by using their gifts so that they can prosper in all areas of life. We offer wisdom and understanding on how to do just that. All individuals deserve to live an exceptional life with purpose and intention according to their own uniqueness.

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”

- Pablo Picasso




Relationships | Life is all about relationships

Relationships is essentially what life is all about, whether it be our relationship to our work, our family, our peers, our health and so on. Relationship is all there is in this life, it is the essence of why we do anything that we do.

Innovation | Innovation is imagination that creates reality

Innovation is the reason why everything that we see has objectified in our reality because it first came from one’s imagination.

Challenges | There is no growth without challenges

Challenges arise in each areas of our life because it is calling us to grow from that current state of being into something even greater. Challenges exist for us to experience the fullness and greatness of who we are and what we can achieve.

Honesty | Honesty provides clarity

Honesty allows us to understand each others worlds and it also enables us to have compassion towards one another.

Gratitude | Gratitude is the only attitude

From the attitude of gratitude can we truly live up to our full potential. It allows us to see all things in a positive perspective which then opens doors to new and extraordinary experiences. 

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