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We are dedicated to empowering individuals in all aspects of their lives and assisting them in discovering their gift and purpose.


Reality Creation TV (RCTV) was founded by Joel Benesha, a successful entrepreneur dedicated to helping individuals maximise their potential both personally and professionally. Mr Benesha is a Certified Neuro-Linguistics Programming Practitioner  (NLP) 

with several years of life and relationship coaching experience. Using a combination of neurology, psychology and spirituality to teach and help countless individuals manifest their desired reality. His passion for helping people has led him to engage in research of numerous metaphysical studies in hopes of answering the question ...


Client Testimonials

"I met Joel in November 2020 at a mutual friends birthday. He invited me to RCTV and it was nice being around same minded people who had a positive view to life and with lots of knowledge to share. I liked that the sessions were structured to a topic, however, allowed people to openly share their thoughts throughout. I’ve learned that if you set your mind to do something your thoughts eventually become actions. Therefore, never give up. It was humbling to hear other young peoples stories and learn how much they’ve gone through at such young age but have very positive outlook in life. I would definitely recommend and have recommended some of my friends to follow RCTV."

- Justine A.


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Support us

When you donate, you help us to reach more people globally in healing relationships between couples and families, bringing awareness to one’s gift and purpose and empowering individuals to live a fulfilling life that creates a better tomorrow.

“Every human has a seed of greatness buried in a gift needed by the world.”

- Dr Myles Munroe

                                        Make a difference and help us help the people.

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